Sunday, December 30, 2012

Candle Fun

Pinterest you are evil- I saw a cute way to reuse some jar- Make your own jar candles! Matt and I decided it would be fun to try. I am a collector of glass jars. Some of the peanut butter jars I have are not standard size jars. They are between a regular mouth and a wide mouth jar so they are useless for canning. I had some beeswax from a previous project so we decided to melt it and add some essential oils to make candles. In my quest of de cluttering my home I came across about 100 votive candles that I never use and probably never will. So we took the wicks out of  the votive candles melted them and added scents and re poured them into jars with new wicks. We made something useless into something useful!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Sweet Orange

A cool and easy trick to get get the good off of used jars is to use a few drops of Sweet Orange essential oil. I paid $1.99 for my bottle at the local grocery store. It is cheaper than Goo Gone, free of any chemicals, and it smells good! Sweet orange where have you been my whole life.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Goals for 2013

2013  is right around the corner and it has gotten me thinking about things I would like to accomplish in 2013.

1- Pay off $10,000 in debt between our home equity line and our mortgage- Our goal is to have our mortgage paid off in 5-7 years.

2. Grow more of our own food and keep a garden journal. This also includes building several more raised beds.

3. Appreciate the stage my children are in and really enjoy them... not just walk through the stages with them. They are only little once and I need to cherish the moment they are in NOW!

4. De clutter each room and get rid of what we don't need or want- and stop bringing new things into the house that we don't need.

5. Stop bringing home plastic bags!

I will keep posting status updates as we move through 2013! Happy New Year!